Beauty, like a lantern's light, shines outward from within. 
George Garrett, Poet


In 1979, my husband, our three kids, and I moved to the mountains of North Carolina from the South Dakota plains where we were born. With stints in between - Fairfax VA, Raleigh, the
San Francisco Bay area - we came back home to Asheville in 1990. We now live just a piece up the road in Burnsville, NC

Portraiture found me in my mid-sixties after thirty years of calligraphic study/commission work, framing services, beach property management, traditional/digital graphics, and children’s book illustration. I was at a crossroads for artistic direction when my childhood fascination with faces ignited. Though I had romanced life drawing through the years, I had never considered pursuing it full tilt. With age, some sage, and a keener sense of awareness, I would pursue the beauty and nuances of face and figure like never before.

I envisioned my medium would be watercolor and gouache; but I was smitten by another. The buttery smoothness of soft pastel meeting sandy-textured paper with lush sparkle and vibrant color running the gamut from quiet to explosive gave immediate gratification. It soon became my medium of choice. 

That first year I was presented a unique opportunity to paint a beautiful group of mentally/physically challenged adults and their mentors. It was a mountaintop spiritual journey. An unforgettable experience. They sealed my direction.

My faith is my foundation. Family and friends inspire me. Age and life experience influence my work as inward and outward beauty is brought to light through portraiture.

How long does it take to paint a portrait?
For me...almost a lifetime.