I cannot fully express what the portrait  means…
I wept copiously… a creation of beauty!
...she appears heavenly in her smile and embrace.  You captured
her essence…Thank you so much for allowing the gift that God has lent you to flow...I am so grateful.


I love Suzy’s portrait. I will enjoy it for the rest of my life.

I am so thankful for the beautiful portrait…far more beautiful than I could have anticipated…my favorite inanimate thing in my home…
as close to life as you can get...a treasure...

I was just blown away with your portrait…You allowed her love of life to leap off the canvas. You captured her – her lips, her chin, her eyes, her hair, and most of all you captured her expression…her love.
Thank you so very much...the love you put into this. You got an A+
from everyone at the opening.

Where do I begin? … the portrait you did of my Jackson is just beautiful – somehow you captured his personality better than the photo…
Thank you so very much!


You outdid yourself - I LOVE IT!...tears flowing...so, so happy. I'll treasure it forever…already looking forward to reaching out to you again. 
I'm speechless; yet so proud...
I want to tell/show everyone. Thank you so much!

A short note to express our deepest gratitude for the absolutely beautiful gift of Mom’s portrait…you captured her spirit so perfectly… will be a family treasure for years…How can we thank you? Trusting the Lord to bless you and confirm our great love and appreciation. Thank you, thank you –

When some of us saw the paintings...we couldn’t help but want them to be seen by others because we witnessed in them the overflowing love of God.  Pastor-St. Paul’s UMC

Roberta is guided and a most talented and rare portrait artist.
Although she may never have met her subject, she is able to capture authentic expressions that people say are even better than the photography she works from. Her work is a treasure for generations. I recommend her
at the highest level.

Jeri Davis Rubin